Meet Pattaya Girls Online

Meet Pattaya Girls Online
By: Huey Davis
Pattaya, Thailands most popular destination, home to beaches, bars and the sexy, fun girls of Pattaya.

Most people who go to Pattaya hit up the beer bars and gogo’s to meet Pattaya girls, but did you know you can meet Pattaya girls online? If you’re going to Pattaya or live there, have you considered using the internet to meet girls?

Internet dating and social sites are very popular with Thai girls because many girls are too shy to go to the bars, but would like to meet Western men anyway. So they sign up for a dating site instead. If you want to set up some dates for your next trip to Pattaya or you want to find a girl for a relationship or marriage, then online dating could be for you.

You often meet more ‘good girls’ this way as well. Nothing wrong with bar girls of course and you can certainly find your girl in a bar, but it’s easier (and cheaper) to go online.

There’s several dating and social sites that you can use to meet Pattaya girls online. Some are free and some require you to pay a monthly fee. The paid sites all have free basic memberships with limited options, so you can browse profiles and send an ‘interest’ but you can’t read emails or chat unless you pay. A months membership costs around $20 and there are discounts for 3,6 and 12 month memberships.

These dating sites are nothing like dating sites back home.

The most popular dating site right now is ThaiLoveLines. It has more than 100,000 members and growing fast. If you want to get the most out of your time in Pattaya, you should also consider reading Richard Gilmores ‘Pattaya Girls’. CLICK THE LINK NOW and meet Pattaya girls TODAY!

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