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Are You Going to Pattaya? What You Need to Know About Pattaya Girls
By: Huey Davis
Pattaya. Sin City, popular seaside resort and a retirement location for many western men. No matter which name you choose to call this city by,

it’s got something for everyone, but most importantly for many is the Pattaya girls. Yes, the girls of Pattaya are probably the biggest attraction for most single, red blooded men who visit.

It’s no wonder, Thai girls are incredibly feminie, sexy and friendly. They have that ability to make you feel strong and young again. Wanted and desired, long after you thought you could ever get that kind of attention from a young woman again. Get rejuvenated with a sexy Pattaya girl by your side.

The girls in Pattaya are not just looking for a quick business transaction, but actually look for a boyfriend or husband. Even if you only spend a night of hotsex together, this attitude shows in how it feels like being with a girlfriend and not a stranger. This is the so called girlfriend experience.

Most bars in Pattaya are of the beer bar variant. They are usually open air bars with hostesses that chat and entertain the bar customers. They also go with the customers if they want to. If a girl leaves the bar before closing timeshe must pay a fee.This means that you will pay it though in most cases. It’s a form of compensation for the bar because they will miss out on the girls work.

Of course you don’t have to only meet girls in beer bars. You can meet them everywhere, anytime!

Richard Gilmore has written a great guide to Pattaya called Pattaya Girls. It teaches you everything you could possibly want to know about how to meet girls in Pattaya and only costs 20 bucks. Check it out!

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