Variety Of Activities For Tourists

Pattaya Offers A Wide Variety Of Activities For Tourists
By: Ray Subs
Pattaya is located in the south east of Bangkok on the coastline.  Many tourists flock there every year to get away from their stressful lives. Pattaya is a major city of Chonburi province about 2 hours drive from Bangkok.

Pattaya, which once started out as a fishing village has become a world recognized tourist destination with plenty of day and evening activities.  During the daytime, tourists can enjoy elephant show riding at the Nong Nooch tropical botanical garden. At this botanical garden, tourists can also enjoy the wide variety of flowers and plants such as cycads, bromeliads, orchid gardens and more.  For those who like some action can check out the “Thai Alangkarn”, which is a Thai extravagance show of Thai performing arts.  In this show you will learn more about the history of Thailand.  Shopping in Pattaya has improved a lot throughout the years.  Here you can enjoy western style shopping malls but also enjoy the open air markets.  On the markets, you can bargain whereas in the shopping centers the prices are fixed. For avid golf players, there are various courses available here in Pattaya such as Laem Chabang International Country Club, Pattaya Golf Course Mountain & Lakes Course, Sriracha International Golf Club. The beach in Pattaya is somewhat polluted.  If you want to enjoy a nice beach I would recommend Jomtien beach which also offers great windsurfing opportunities.  You can get around in Pattaya using a Baht Bus, which is quite popular among tourists.  However, if you want the freedom to travel to Jomtien beach etc then you should rent a car.

There are various festivals going on throughout the year such as the Pattaya music festival, which is held in March every year. This even usually attracts over 100,000 people around the country.  Over 100 Thai bands as well as some western bands will also perform in this festival. 

In Pattaya, you will find all kinds of accommodations with prices starting as low as US $12 per night for back packers or any adventurer. Many of the nicer hotels got wireless Internet connection in their hotel rooms free of charge.  In addition, free movie and book rentals are sometimes also available at these hotels to meet the ever increasing needs of the customer. Service is generally very good overall and you will always be welcomed with a smile, which is the reason Thailand is called the Land of Smiles.

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