Car Rental in Chonburi

Car Rental in Chonburi
The region of Chonburi is often overlooked by tourists visiting Thailand but it is well worth considering as an alternative to the more popular regions.

The city of Chonburi can be reached easily from Bangkok by taking the Bang Na Trad Highway 34 which will take you direct to this beautiful region of Thailand. The distance from Bangkok is approx 80 kilometers . Chonburi city is considered an international world class tourist city and has experienced rapid growth over the past few years so you will find good hotels and first class restaurants.

Driving Tip: Always keep a few hundred Thai Baht in your car should you be stopped by the Thai police for a traffic violation also handy for the many tollways that you will encounter.

Do visit Ang Sila a typical seaside fishing village just 5 kilometers from Chonburi center. Ang Sila is famed for its seafood in particular oysters and mussels. It is also the place to buy a solid stone pestle and mortar, please note you luggage allowance as these mortars are heavy but do come in different sizes. Well worth setting aside some space and will last a life time unless dropped.

Bangsaen beach which is also close by is a very popular destination for Thai’s on a day trip to from Bangkok. The nearby Nogmom market specializes in dried seafood such as dried squid , dried shrimps and salted fish all an acquired taste.

Jomtien beach south of Pattaya offers 4 kilometers of clean sandy beaches, this area of Pattaya is peaceful and is favored by both Thais and foreigners. Nearby Pattaya can be visited during the day for shopping or in the evening to experience the nightlife on offer in walking street.

To visit all the worthwhile locations in Chonburi it is advised to rent car, ensure the car that you rent comes with first class insurance with either a low or zero excess. Budget Thailand offer a zero excess package which will allow you to drive worry free.

Article was compiled by Eamonn Turley who writes for specialized in car rental in Malaysia, Thailand and Australia.

If you are thinking of visiting Thailand for that once in a lifetime trip then for more information on car rental options available

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