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Pattaya Nightlife: Walking Street
By: Lek Boonlert
And generally speaking, most of the nightlife action that tourists are looking for is going to be found in South Pattaya where the largest concentration of bars, massage parlours, and discos line the world-famous neon-lit strip known as Walking Street.

No matter which Pattaya hotel you are staying in, everyone will be able to refer you to this section of the city. Completely unique to Pattaya, and completely raunchy in nature, this is where you come for no-holds-barred partying. And while you might be safer back in one of the Pattaya hotels, if you truly want to experience the nightlife of the city then Walking Street is where it’s at.
The area is completely pedestrianised after nightfall, and is a complex blend of sex, food, clubs, disco, shopping and fun. This is the Thailand most travellers come to experience, the decadent underbelly that most of the civilized world keeps hidden behind curtains, but Pattaya displays with all colours wide and bright. Clubbing is the name of the game on Walking Street, and it literally is up to you as to what type of experience you are going to have to. Coming to Walking Street from your Pattaya hotel means having an adventure, so individuals who are shy or extremely moral-bound might want to avoid coming to this area, because you are going to see and experience things that you will never see or experience anywhere else in the world. If you are after decadence, then you have come to the right place.

Whether you choose to start with the Airport Club with its girls dressed in airline hostess outfits or head on over to the Blues Factory with its earthy rock and blues every night, there are a variety of venues to choose from. Some of them are tamer than others. While the Blues Factory is probably one of the most laid-back experiences, places like the Candy Shop or Club Boesche have plenty of uninhibited women ready to pander to the intrepid wanderer. Club Insomnia is a more traditional club with plenty of techno and a large dance floor, while the FLB is an eclectic mix of older individuals. Goodfellas is a bar and restaurant with ESPN and pool tables, and if you are after the ultimate hip-hop experience then the Lucifer Disko TK is the place to be. For a completely adult experience away from the sanctity of the Pattaya hotels, the Roxy is the place for you, as this is one of the few places where it is adults-only.

All in all, there are literally dozens of restaurants, bars, clubs, discos and more to choose from, and exploring your options is the only way to uncover the perfect fit for you.

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