Pattaya Water Park

Pattaya Water Park by: Paromita Banerjee
The Pattaya Water Park is located in one of its famous beaches called the Jomtien Beach. It offers many activities for local and foreign tourists such as snorkeling, water skiing and jet skiing, etc. Also, one of popular activities in Jomtien, Pattaya is the amusement park, Pattaya Park.

Located between the main downtown area of Pattaya, Thailand and the popular Jomtien Beach, Pattaya Water Park offers 3 sections of activities which are Pattaya Park Tower, Pattaya Park Funny Land and Pattaya Park Water Park.

The Pattaya Tower Park offers challenging activities to travelers who like heights. On the 55th deck floor of the tower, travelers can enjoy the ultimate view and thrill of beautiful Jomtien Bay and Pattaya City After absorbing the breathtaking view gets the thrill of a lifetime by shooting down 170 meters from the Tower Jump, Speed Shuttle and Sky Shuttle.

After the Pattaya Tower Park, tourists can enjoy the more exciting activities in Pattaya Park Funny Land. The tower park has a Tower Shot, Slalom Roller Coaster, Viking, Family Swinger, Mono Rail and Mixer in its section. The Tower Shot is famous in this area, and is the first one in Thailand. It’s a huge tower and the ultimate roller coaster ride for thrill seekers.

In the Pattaya Park, tourists can enjoy not only on the nice Jomtien Beach for swimming, but can get the new experience of entertainment on giant Water slides, swimming around the whirlpool and tanning on private beach in Water Park, Pattaya Park of Pattaya, Thailand.

Other options for exciting experience at the resort, Swing Vikings Ship, Samba Tower, Slalom Roller Coaster, Family Swinger, Demolition Derby, Musical Carousel and the Monorail to speed you around the resort.

Moreover, Pattaya Park has accommodation offering to all travelers. The Pattaya Park Beach Resort offers 718 luxurious sea-view rooms and suites including Main building and Tower wing. All accommodation in the Pattaya Park provide convenience facilities such as color television with cable TV programs, private bathroom with bath tub and shower, mini bar, hairdryer (on request), air- conditioning with individual controls and balcony with sea view / mountain view.

The Activities of Sky Shuttle, Speed Shuttle and Tower Jump give you the best vantage point for a breathtaking view with the challenge and excitement. You can jump from 170 meters high off the tower, or go with the Sky shuttle to the beach and having something faster with the Speed Shuttle. “TRY FREE” when you buy an observation ticket.

Enjoy a tasty international buffet lunch and dinner with seafood in The Panorama, The Pinnacle and The Meridian Revolving Restaurant on the 52nd, 53rd and 54th floor. Book your rooms in advance as it tends to be completely booked when you plan to travel during summer.

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