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Pattaya Girls – How to Meet Pattaya Girls Outside the Bars
I was sitting in popular Pattaya go-go bar, Baccara, the other day and like every other Friday the place was packed to the rafters. You literally couldn’t get a seat and punters where standing around the scene. The girls on stage were clearly enjoying the situation having their pick of which customers to lavish their attention on. There was this one girl I remember, about 155 cm, amazing body, long black hair and a great smile.

I knew I had to meet her, but because the place was already jam packed, she was already chatting to some older German gentleman. At which point the absurdity of the situation struck me. There had to be a better way to meet Pattaya girls and there is.

I don’t know what it is about most of us guys, but it seems like many only really consider bars the place to meet Pattaya girls. Ok, for many it’s probably just as much about having a drink in an open air beer bar or a laugh with your friends, but for actually meeting girls, attractive, smart girls, I think it’s a pretty bad idea really.

That night at Baccara, I was kinda dismayed at the competition. There must have been 50-100 guys and only about 20-30 girls there. The real lookers were already engaged in conversation. Add to that, the atmosphere in there wasn’t very good for getting to know the girls and show your personality. It becomes a little to much of a crapshoot.

Actually, there’s a better way of meeting these Pattaya girls. I figured this out when I was living in Bangkok. The girls hanging out in these bars also live normal lives the rest of the time. Meeting them outside the bar was much different from meeting them inside the bar.

The thing is, when these girls go to work, you will inevitably be put in the customer ‘box’. That’s her job. She is employed to sell drinks. If she didn’t do that, then she could lose her job. The thing is, most of us don’t really want to be the customer.

I’ve found that there’s a huge difference in meeting Pattaya girls in or outside the bars. Inside the bar she can be quite the tease, a naughty vixen, but take the same girl outside the bar and watch her turn into a coy ordinary Thai girl who will get nervous and giggly if she likes you and you show her a good time. I prefer that.

Why is that most guys seem to think that bars are the only place to meet women? There’s literally women everywhere! Particularly in Pattaya, in fact, I bet if you look 20 meteres in each direction there’s an attractive Pattaya girl you would like to meet. And the truth is, it is so easy to meet them. Thai girls are way too polite to be rude to any guy who strikes up an innocent, polite situation. I’ve gotten so many phone numbers and dates off Pattaya girls, just be smiling and make some small talk.

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