Interesting water sports

Interesting water sports and other activities in Pattaya.
By: Irinaparker
In Pattaya water sport is played in abundance. The people are very energetic here and you can see different exciting sports at the beach area. The four kilometer extended sandy beach area really attracts the tourists.

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World Of Entertainment

Ripley?s World Of Entertainment Pattaya
Submitted By: Paromita Banerjee
If you savour the weird, the macabre and the unusual then you must have heard of Ripley’s Believe It or Not. Thailand Tourism brings to you the Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum. Based on the popular television series, this unusual museum houses a wide collection of some of Mr. Ripley’s most unusual finds; some of them actual items, while others are replicas.

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Discovering the Mystery of Pattaya

Discovering the Mystery of Pattaya
Submitted By: Mark David
Pattaya Beach is a popular destination among nature lovers. The bar hoppers finds this place an invigorating one for they can drop into the beach bar and have a gala time. A wide array of cocktail and cocktail collection saturates these bars and offers ample opportunity for the connoisseur to have their pick. You can also have daytrips to nearby island groups; Pattaya’s 21 golf courses and slew of amusement parks offers optimum entertainment to any casual tripper. Pattay’s legendary nightlife has become quite a cherishing phenomenon attracting millions of people from across the globe.

Discovering the Mystery of Pattaya
Discovering the Mystery of Pattaya

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Unbelievable shopping experience

Unbelievable shopping experience at pattaya
By: Marc Jones
Pattaya, the fabulous city in Thailand, has a huge range of shops and markets that cater to all tastes. A great shopping experience is always round the corner in Pattaya.

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