Interesting water sports

Interesting water sports and other activities in Pattaya.
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In Pattaya water sport is played in abundance. The people are very energetic here and you can see different exciting sports at the beach area. The four kilometer extended sandy beach area really attracts the tourists.

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Pattaya beach is very relaxing where you can sit in your personal deckchair and enjoy beer or a local fruit. Excellent traditional Thai massage is offered in the beach area. Jet skis are available on rent and if you are enough adventurous take one and plunge into water. People who want bronzy sun tan like to spend time under direct sun.  

In Pattaya, Jomtien beach is the perfect area for windsurfing. Paragliding is another one which can be enjoyed in that area. If you have lots of friends you take a charter boat and take a cruise to the islands.
The sea around the Gulf of Siam always offers diving. In Similan island which is also popular for diving have some wrecks for underwater explorers. You can enjoy warn water at this area. If not comfortable in direct sun you can attempt indoor sports like bowling, and snooker. Thai massage is also good exercise available in beach area and also in every parlor in Pattaya.

In Pattaya, CMT Flying Club offers ultra light flights and also light airplane cruises in all over the Pattaya countryside. Wind condition is the main key point for Ultralight flights. It is advisable to book it in advance. If you are genuine tough try real bullets at shooting at Pattaya 2nd Road. Thai Thong Culture Park offers elephant rides which are really exciting. Muay Thai Boxing which is considered as the king of Martial Arts can be enjoyed at the Beach Road. Tennis courts are available in almost all the large hotels in Pattaya. Visitors are allowed to play there after paying nominal fees.  

Fitness lovers can enjoy health clubs available at Dusit Resort Pattaya, Amari Orchid Pattaya, Siam Bayshore, Montien Pattaya, etc. These are the places where you can exercise for a longer time. Go-Karting especially 2 go-kart tracks are available for the tourists. Bungee jumping is also available. This is a thrilling experience which you will remember in the rest of your lifetime. In Bhira International Circuit Race Course, an international car and motorcycle race course is present. Here you can enjoy regular events on every weekend. Pattaya Water Park is another attraction for the tourists. You can enjoy with your whole family here at this place. Jacuzzis, gigantic slide and a seaside tower is present at the height of 240 meters. Here you can also experience the revolving restaurant.

In Pattaya, Watersports club is situated at the distance of ten minutes south of Pattaya. The exact location is Sukhumvit 155. Here you can enjoy kayaking, windsurfing and kite-sailing. The ambience is really peaceful and you can enjoy complete relaxation here. Lakeland Water Ski is located at the distance of five kilometres away from Pattaya City. Cable ski can be enjoyed here. Paramotoring and sailing are some of the other water sports that can be enjoyed in Pattaya.

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