Holidays to Thailand

Holidays to Thailand by Terrance Richardson
Thailand is a place of great contrast. Amidst its astonishing beauty, lies a wonderland full of intriguing culture, mysterious places and secret hideaways. Holidays to Thailand offer unique socio-cultural experience that has been the hallmark of Thai vacations, for years. For most, Bangkok is the starting point for sojourns to other regions. In fact both the present capital, Bangkok and traditional capital Ayuttaha offer myriad of heritage activities including visits to ancient temples, battlefields and plethora of great ruins.

Central & Eastern Regions

Any holiday to Thailand should include a visit to nearly 400 kilometers of eastern shoreline which harbors pristine natural beaches and some of the World’s best hotels. Pattaya, a city popular as emerging playground of Asia, is the centerpiece of eastern corridor. Farther away lays the majestic and less visited Ko Chang National Park that has adorned almost every major publication with its mind-boggling beauty. If your idea of a vacation is slightly more sophisticated then head towards western coast where resorts of Cha-am and Hua Hin provide word class luxury amid plentiful picturesque spots and peaceful atmosphere. For more adventurous, the northwest region of Kanchanaburi offers extreme natural setting in form of caves, waterfalls, mountains, wildlife sanctuaries and its star attractions, the indigenous tribes.

North & Northwest

Chiang Mai on the outskirts of northern border is truly the most wonderful experience on holidays to Thailand. Areas around Chiang Mai are considered to be the birthplace of Thai civilization. Its location in the middle of highland attracts visitors to enjoy true Thai hospitality and a sense of cultural and adventure travel, seldom present elsewhere. From white water rafting, elephant rides, bamboo sailing and ATV runs to balloon safari and jungle trials, the city has everything on offer. To experience even more authenticity, head off to Isan. It is an arid plateau in northeast, covering nearly two thirds of the entire country. Although Isan is still a relatively poor region but for tourists it is the best kept secret of Thailand. Three of the most well preserved National Parks, Khao Yai, Phu Kradung and Phu Rua are situated here. These Parks are at close proximity to the hand weaving centers of Thailand, Khorat and Khon Kaen. Tourists often relish the economical hand woven silk. Nowadays, many direct flights serve major Isan cities. Recently, there has also been a major burst of development which has seen numerous luxurious lodgings near Mekong River, which cuts through this region.

Southern Shores

For beach fanatics, Southern Thailand, a narrow stretch of land protruding towards Malaysian border is among most fascinating place on earth. Numerous resorts lie between the Andaman and South China Sea. White long sandy beaches are dotted with rugged central mountain hinterlands and forests. Due to monsoon and peculiar geographical location, its climate differs from rest of Thailand; acting as a natural barrier protecting either West or East coast from simultaneous rainfalls. This abnormality brings hordes of visitors who love an almost perfect climate.

Thailand has a number of offerings that is sure to suit all your needs. Bring a family or have a romantic getaway with adventure and sophistication.

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