Leisure Activities In Pattaya

Leisure Activities In Pattaya Thailand
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Besides beaches, shopping centers and night-life, Pattaya also offers a great number of interesting sports and other activities for foreigner, especially those who plan to have a long stay in Pattaya. Here are some of interesting activities.

Water sports such as parasailing, sailing, snorkeling, diving, and swimming.

For parasailing, the boats will pick you up from the Bali Hi Pier and take you out to the pontoons where instruction to novices and experts alike will be given. This pursuit cannot be undertaken on windy days, and safety is a key factor.

Sailing in Pattaya is very popular, where various national and international regattas take place. Many sailors sail over to Koh Lan or one of the smaller islands for the day and return in the afternoon.

Snorkeling is the activity which is popular Diving is a very popular pursuit on the Eastern seaboard and Pattaya has several specialist companies with instructors and supervisors. There are many dive sites around Pattaya, the profusion of coral and fish, a sea temperature of around 28 degrees and cheap prices, this is a favorite venue for many international divers.

Swimming in the sea is very popular with both Thais and Europeans. Donโ€™t be surprised if the Thais go in the sea with their clothed. They are not used to showing in public, and itโ€™s warm enough to dry off very quickly when they get out.

Go-karting at the Pattaya Kart Speedway

One of the tracks is 800 meters long, nicely design with water waiting for the clumsy. Moreover there are a few types of karts to choose from and all of them are very good and well maintained.

Golfing courses in Pattaya

Playing Golf in Pattaya can totally spoil you for returning home. You can play golf at a different course every day of a two week holiday and you still won’t play all the international standard courses within an hour drive of Pattaya.

Many of Pattaya’s courses are Country Clubs and designed by Nicklaus, Faldo, Thompson, Wolderidge, Dye and Trent Jones.

Gyms, spas, and massage

Pattaya has a tropical climate is therefore ideal for the pursuit of outdoor activities. However, for an indoor healthy lifestyle, Pattaya is also among the best. The vast number of 5 star health massage organizations, beauty parlous, spa and fitness centers mean that Pattaya really is the place to improve you overall and look

Other activities in Pattaya

The Pattaya Bridge Club for the more leisurely.

Wandering along Walking Street and its many beer bars, girlie bars, music venues, cabarets, and restaurants.

Day trips to the Tiger Zoo, alligator and elephant farms, sapphire mines, orchid gardens, and culture villages at Mini Siam and Nong Nooch Village; countless other places of interest in the Pattaya area.

Latest Hollywood movies a the Big C and Royal Garden shopping centers; or purchase DVDs at bargain prices from street vendors.

If youโ€™re creative, build a studio to write, paint, or invent things or join a writers group and write about your travels.

Attend an international convention at one of the big hotels.

Numerous places of religious worship: temples, churches, and mosques.

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