Help the Suffering in Pattaya

Help the Suffering in Pattaya
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Those who live in Pattaya, Thailand are living in poverty in a paradise. Although the region contains some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and resorts, little of that money goes to the general population. Because unemployment is so high there, individuals work for very little money. Even those with full time jobs can barely feed their families. Your donation in Pattaya, Thailand can help the people of this region. You might think that the tourism industry alone is enough to sustain the poor but it is not. In fact, wealth in Pattaya is highly concentrated among a select few individuals. Service industry workers suffer from a lack of proper food, education, medical care. Although Pattaya has many good hospitals, the poor cannot afford their services.

A donation in Pattaya, Thailand can change all that. There are several ways for you to invest in the people of Pattaya. You could donate to an organization that tries to bring affordable medical care to the poverty stricken. That way, when they get sick, someone will help them make the payment necessary to get medical aid. Many individuals are scarred to take time off of work. Even when they are sick, they work. They rightfully worry that the will be fired. So many people need jobs, employers do not worry about laying someone off. Even for true illness, they will fire people. The donation in Pattaya, Thailand you give can get people medical care during the off-hours. That way, they can keep their jobs.

Another way you can help is by funding schools. Poor children in Thailand do not have access to very good schools. The schools are often underfunded. There are not nearly enough teachers. The wealthy of Pattaya have great schools. The poor do not get an education. This keeps them poor. You can help break the cycle by sending your donation in Pattaya, Thailand to fund educational programs for young children. Adults can benefit from similar programs. If a poor adult is able to attend a program that educates him, he can gain a skill. That skill makes it possible for him to get a better job. Instead of a disposable waiter at a western resort, he can have a good-paying job. With job security, he can better take care of his family. His children can go to better schools. The entire family’s nutrition improves. The cycle of poverty is completely broken.

Finally, you can help the animals of Pattaya. When the people are in poverty, animals suffer as well. A donation in Pattaya, Thailand can go to charities that encourage the spaying and neutering of pets. This will greatly decrease the number of starving strays on the streets of Pattaya. Your donation will also go to feed dogs in shelters. Veterinarians can care for sick dogs and cats. Volunteers will help find homes for these homeless animals. Your donations in Pattaya will be used to help the truly desperate. You will help adults and children in poverty. You can even help dying animals.

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