Pattaya Nightlife

Pattaya Nightlife – Where The Good Times Never End
By: Huey Davis
Pattaya nightlife is famous, and justly so, for it’s variety and pace. Beer bars, disco’s and gogo’s. Shows, cabarates and much more. Pattaya also have countless restaurants and hotels for any budget.

Visitors can relax on the beach during the day or enjoy a massage from one of the many massage parlors. The main strip of nightlife in Pattaya is found on and around Walking Street, but it’s really impossible to escape the nightlife anywhere in Pattaya.

Apart from the many girly bars and gogo’s Walking Street also have several Irish style pubs and discos, some of which stay open until late night and are always jam packed with hopeful guys and girls looking for the catch of the night. For the real party animals there are some bars which never close – only in Pattaya!

If you are after something very different, there is the ladyboy cabaret show. These men in drag are nothing like you would expect often able to fool new visitors to Pattaya.

Beer bars are Pattaya’s cheery small outdoor bars where friendly bar girls or hostesses keep customers with company and entertain. The girls also look for someone to show them a good time later in the night. The beer bars are all over Pattaya, it’s hard to even walk 20 feet without a beer bar in sight. The girls call out to passing tourists and may even attach themselves forcefully to drag them into the bar. This is Pattaya and there is nothing quite like it.

Where else do you go to meet these girls? How do you make the most of your time?

Richard Gilmore is a long time Pattaya resident and has written a great guide called “Pattaya Girls”. It reveals all this and more. It’s only $20 and is available for immediate download as an ebook. If you’re going to Pattaya, you should really check it out!

About the Author

Huey Davis has lived in Thailand for several years. He also runs a website on Pattaya Girls.

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Article Source: Nightlife – Where The Good Times Never End

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