Bar Girls in Pattaya

Bar Girls in Pattaya – What the Guidebook Won’t Tell You!
By: Huey Davis
Are you planning a trip to Pattaya and Thailand? Are you a single man looking for some company and entertainment? You’ll find both in Pattaya,

that much is for sure with the bar girls in Pattaya! Pattaya is a magical place, truly one of its kind. Where else in the world can you find so many beautiful, sexy and not least available women, packed into bars, gogos and massage places? Pattaya has got to have the highest density of single, sexy women pr. square meter.

The Pattaya girls are from all over Thailand but most come from the North East of Thailand. They are usually from modest backgrounds, not nessecarily poor, but often without much future prospects of anything but working the farm or a low level job. Pattaya seems like a place where dreams can come true for them.They’ve seen village girls return home with new clothes and cell phones and they see the new status that comes from getting a western boyfriend. They want it for themselves and so it begins.

Pattaya has many different types of venues where it’s possible to meet Pattaya girls, but most of them are known as beer bars. It’s a bar where the girls are both bartenders and hostesses. They entertain, talk and play games with the customers, all very good fun. Of course, they may also go home with the customer for the night or spend many days and nights together. It’s perfectly normal and accepted, yet it’s not something that the bar has anything to do with. What a girl does outside work is her own matter.

Don’t waste your time when you go to Pattaya! There’s so much to see and do! Richard Gilmore has written a great guide about Pattaya called “Pattaya Girls“. It’s only 20 bucks and will let you in on the REAL Pattaya. Don’t get lured into tourist traps. Learn how to get the girls to want to spend their time with you! Get it now! Also check out this hub on Pattaya Girls.

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