Excellent Stay In Pattaya Hotels

Excellent Stay In Pattaya Hotels
Excellent Stay In Pattaya Hotels Amid Wonderful City Attractions
By: Nancy Eben
Pattaya, a city in Thailand, is located ion the east coast of Gulf of Thailand. Though it was a small fishing village, but now ranking in the list of most beautiful beach resorts in the world, it is counted as major tourists destinations.

The city of Pattaya fell into crisis at the end of Vietnam War, but the modern mass tourism brought a life to Pattaya. It is a self administrating municipality, governed by Council-manager government. It is position as one of the world’s most renowned party destinations, which has led to the establishment of large number of Pattaya hotels. The new wholesome image has seen a large increase in the family tourism.

Pattaya, located at approximately 145 km south of the city of Bangkok, it occupied most of the coastline to Banglamung, one of the eleven districts comprising Chonburi Province. Apart from Pattaya beach, a main beach, there are many beaches including Jomtien beach, which is broader and better shape with the amiable friendly oriented atmosphere. Pattaya hotel around these beaches are famous for providing world class accommodation to its tourists.

Hotel Pattaya, around the main beach is situated alongside the city centre, is close to shopping areas, bars and restaurants. The speedboats and jet skies in abundance have added lot to the recreation of tourists. Some of the main places of interest for the tourists in Pattaya are:-

  • Amphoe Ko Si Chang- it consist of many places of interest for the tourists. Chao Pho Khao Yai Shrine, situated on the northern hill on the island, is natural architectural masterpiece, which is respected by both Chinese and Thai. It offers scenic beautiful view of the island. Hat Tham Phang, a sloping beach located on the leeward side of the island is a perfect spot for swimming with calm and relaxing ambience. It also has some of the palace sin proximity such as Phra Chuthathut Ratchathan and Si Chang Palace.
  • Noong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden- it is the most beautiful and the biggest botanical garden in Southeast Asia. One can easily come across impressive and fascinating Thai culture and traditional dance shows. Mini zoo and Elephant Show are also provided.
  • Underwater World Pattaya- it is a leisure attraction showcasing rich variety of marine life. In addition to it, there are many recreational and educational activities at the beautiful seaside resort. Voyage to the bottom of the sea, beginning from sandy beaches to shallow rock pools at the water edge is marvelous. One can easily have a glance at brightly colored corals, great shoals of fish and exotic ocean dwellers.

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